Intriguing Questions

Historic houses raise many intriguing questions, and it is no surprise that such a unique property as Black Rock House, built by such an unusual character as Charles Ebden, has its fair share.  Here are just a few – a visit to the house will help you discover which, if any, of them might be true.

  • From where did the inspiration for the house’s design come?

  • Was the house built by convicts?

  • Unlike the courtyard and stables, the house is built of timber.  Was this because all the stonemasons left for the goldfields?High stone wall - protection from attach?

  • Was the high stone-walled courtyard for protection against attack?

  • Was there a tunnel connecting the house with the beach?

  • Was the tunnel built to smuggle goods into the colony or as an escape route for the family?

  • Was there a ballroom at the rear of the house?

  • Are the Moreton Bay Figs as old as the house?

  • Was the house so named because Ebden’s father-in-law was Anglican Archdeacon of Blackrock in County Cork, Ireland?

  • Did the suburb of Black Rock acquire its name from the house?

The list goes on … and wait until you hear about the ghost!

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