Time for luncheon
Luncheon at Black Rock House
Afternoon tea
Costumed volunteers recreating an afternoon tea scene at Black Rock House
The drawing room
In the drawing room at Black Rock House
Top hat and tails
Hats off to you!
Volunteer in maid's costume doing the dusting at Black Rock House
At the clothesline
Hanging out the washing
Kitchen work
Maids (volunteers of course!) preparing dinner in the kitchen
Costumed maids
Three lovely "maids" posing outside Black Rock House
Piano waiting for a player
A beautifully and authentically recreated drawing room in Black Rock House
Master bedroom
A view of the master bedroom at Black Rock House
Children's bedroom
A child's bedroom as it might have appeared in Charles Ebden's time
Black Rock garden
A lovely view of Black Rock House from the garden
Christmas events at Black Rock House are magical and full of atmosphere
Volunteers in costume
Two "maids" sharing a smile at Black Rock House
All in black and white
Black and white photography adds a special touch of old world atmosphere
Mr Charles Ebden
Mr Ebden was the original owner, designer and builder of Black Rock House
Dressed up for Halloween at Black Rock House